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Maths, plusses and minuses

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In classrooms in recent weeks, our many different Maths lessons have been exploring the world of numbers.

Second classes explored addition and subtraction using dice to double and then add of take away numbers.  Everyone ejoyed this ‘pair and share’ work together. More work with number lines and lots of strategies were developed for completing number sentences.

Lower 1st (Kindergarten) students are moving on along the number line, working with the numbers 3,4,5,6, and 7, also with number songs, and counting forwards and backwards. The children are excited to take home their Oral Counting Booklet so they can show their parents their developing mathmatical skills throughout the year. 

3rd classes have been looking at a range of different strategies for addition and subtraction, while in 4th classes addition and subtraction strategies are being reviewed and applied to multi-step word problems. 

Lower 1st making tricky numbers in playdoh.

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Mathmatical concepts made fun and tactile with playdoh in Lower 1st.