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The ancient practice of Meditation is offered, through the School of Practical Philosophy in Sydney, to John Colet children who are ten years of age, or older.

Mrs McKendrick has spoken to the 5th and 6th Class and 25 children have expressed an interest in receiving Meditation.  Introduction to Meditation will take place on the 12th and 13th March at the School of Practical Philosophy property at Warrawee.  However, this is an unusually large number of children and an additional date may have to be set.

For more information on Meditation please go to the School of Practical Philosophy website.

Mr Anthony Renshaw, the Head of the School of Practical Philosophy, has generously agreed to speak to parents and address any questions you may have in relation to Meditation.  This is open to all parents but 5th and 6th Class parents are particularly invited.

What       Meditation talk and question session
Who        Mr Anthony Renshaw
Where     John Colet School, Colet 2
When      Tuesday 23rd February, 8.30 9.30am