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Meeting Mark Greenwood, author

Senior school incursion on storytelling and writing

Last Friday, 3rd,4th,5th and 6th classes got to meet an amazing author called Mark Greenwood.  He writes about myths and legends.  They were extremely exciting.  He told us his stories and journey.  He wasn’t just an author, he was a bit of a traveller.  Mark Greenwood wrote a story about Lasseter, a man who found heaps of gold.  Lasseter’s family was in a poor state, but he didn’t want to go to the gold out in the desert because he nearly died there last time. But eventually he went out and found the gold, unfortunately his camels ran away so he died.  But not before leaving clues to the gold. 

Mark Greenwood studied all these clues and followed them to a cave and dug and found Lasseter’s diary and gold.

That story was our favourite!  It was a fantastic incursion, we enjoyed it so much.

Written by Brigitte and Jaanavi.