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Mindful Wisdom Courses

If you enjoyed the recent Mindfulness Seminar at John Colet School, The Powerful Benefits of Mindfulness in Education and Family Life, then we think you would also love the Mindful Wisdom course that is offered by John Colet’s affiliated organisation, the School of Philosophy.

The Mindful Wisdom course is usually priced at $280 for an 11 week course, but is free for JCS Parents. Many JCS Parents have taken the course over the years and have found it to be of immense benefit.

The course covers the following topics:

Session 1. Practical mindfulness, Philosophy and Living Wisdom, Being and Awareness

Session 2. Self discovery, Self knowledge, Clarity of Mind

Session 3. Being Awake, Levels of awareness, Expanded consciousness

Session 4. The Present moment, Four states of attention

Session 5. What it means to live justly, Plato on justice

Session 6.  The light of reason, What is reason, How can reason be used mindfully?

Session 7. Mindful, conscious presence, The power of mindful observation

Session 8. The nature of beauty, Forms of beauty

Session 9. The nature of energy – a three fold model, The transcendent self

Session 10. Energy and mindful attention

Session 11. The desire for truth – what is it?, How can truth be discovered? 

The 11 week course is offered three times/year. If you d like more information as to when the next course starts, please contact Practical Philosophy on (02) 9489 4333, email admin@practicalphilosophy.org.au or go to our website practicalphilosophy.org.au