More robotics classes in Term 4 2023

In Term 4, two classes on LEGO WeDo2.0 have been arranged to satisfy the demand from parents. The program on Monday is aimed at K-Y1 students who have very limited prior experience on building LEGO. Compared to the robotics class on Tuesday for Y1-Y2, the models constructed in this class will have simpler structures and fewer building steps.

The LEGO Robotics and Coding Fusion Program on Thursday for Y3-Y5 students includes diversified robotics and coding projects on LEGO SPIKE Prime, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and Scratch Video Game Programming. So the students could have opportunities to access different robotics equipment and programming apps to develop their knowledge and skills on robotics and coding. Based on the feedback from parents and students, we can plan the robotics programs for Y3+ for the new year.

The link to enrol is the school Weekly Note