Mrs Donald and a keen inventor - image  on

Mrs Donald and a keen inventor

From our Infants Mistress Mrs Donald
Mrs Donald and a keen inventor - image Anikan-Khandhar on

A  threefold discipline:
•    become still,
•    focus,
•    then move into action as necessary,  from that point.
This continues to be a practice we wish to promote.  It was certainly very obvious in the Sanskrit Recitation Competition on Thursday.  What brilliance, what self-possession, what a delight.
And not only from the performers, who were wonderful, but also from the watching children.  Their interest was palpable and demonstrated by their focus and attention, and their self-discipline.  Thank you to Mrs. Dunstan and Mrs. Childs for organising this great, annual event.
We had some visitors, several parents:  the Indian Vice-Consul, Mr Harjeet Singh Sethi and a few members of  the Indian community with an interest in Sanskrit.
This is how Anikan K and friends from 4th class spend their rainy-day Recess.  The photo shows Anikan with a “class-made” pulley, constructed entirely from the contents of his pencil case:  two rulers, a glue stick for a reel, a pencil sharpener for a conduit for the string (the string was threaded through it), the weights at the end of the string were a pen and a rubber.  Anikan is seen testing it out over the edge of the balcony!  It worked alright.