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Murder under the microscope!

Starting term 1, 2015, students from 3rd to 6th classes are invited to join the after school ‘Murder Under the Microscope’ class. It is a unit of work where students investigate the causes of environmental problems: such as the death of wildlife and plants, rising sea levels, pollution and much more. Any students who are interested are welcome!

When?: It will be held at 3:00- 3:40 on Wednesdays starting in week 4 and will run for approximately 10 weeks (through to term 2).  

Where?: The remedial room (next to the music centre).  

Who?: It will be run by Mr Wakeford

About the Unit: The students will investigate issues affecting the environment today. This will involve conducting experiments, analysing facts and data, and assessing the possible long term impact of these environmental problems. Towards the end of the unit, students will investigate an environmental issue of their own choice and present the issue to the class as a PowerPoint or poster presentation. In the presentation, students will discuss the environmental issue, its causes and possible solutions.

If you are interested: Contact your class teacher and express your interest.