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Naplan Results for John Colet School

...and other equally important things...

A week of great rejoicing in the halls of John Colet School!  Some outstanding results in the Naplan from children in years 3 and 5:  all the teachers are to be congratulated for their work in preparing the children; and the children themselves must be feeling pleased that their hard work is reflected in the wonderful scores they achieved.  And why not? let’s congratulate the parents too!
Another happy event was the Introductory Day for next year’s Lower 1st intake.  The children had a settled and productive morning, and many of the parents came to the morning tea in the Staff Common Room, where Mrs Moor had laid on her usual feast.  Sixteen of the children were siblings of children already in the school, and this of course helps the event to be more relaxed.  Thank you to all involved.
While this was on, the Infants children went to an ABC concert, which was also deemed a success, and we heard reports of a group of Lower First children enthusiastically responding to a call to dance on stage!   Good show.
This next week we are highlighting CARE of the playground.  We are instituting an emu patrol in the grounds, which means that each grade has a designated area of the school where they pick up rubbish.   This is a five-minute weekly job, and we hope it will also serve to stop some of the littering, as well as producing a clean playground.
Week Three also brings the Phillip Market day on Tuesday 22nd and the attenuated Shakespeare performances on Friday 25th for our Festival Patron, Mr. John Bell.  The Board of Governors has also been invited to attend these, which will be held in the Hall.  Break a leg!
Summer uniform this week!

NB Primary children will need a packed lunch from Monday 28st Oct Fri 1st Nov which is the week of the Shakespeare Festival.

Parents come join the choir! Morning tea
On Wednesday 6th November there’s an open choir lesson for Primary from 8.40 9.15 am followed by a morning tea. Parents please come along, it’s a great way to see what goes into creating the beautiful singing we hear at school events such as Speech Night.