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New chapter for our Registrar

As John Colet School has grown, we face new challenges born of bigger classes, more buildings and expanded staff.  And the gradual retirement of those stalwarts who founded the school.

In the first years of the school a mighty work was done getting the show on the road with premises, council approvals, and, more importantly, establishing and embedding the ethos and character of the school.  Many people were involved, some of whom still are.

One of these giants is Lynne Werner, our registrar. She has been with the school for nearly twenty-five years, initially working, largely unaided, in a dizzying array of administrative areas.  This included helping me when I first started as headmaster, for which I am personally deeply grateful.

Lynne has always brought a calm, steady, benign energy to everything she set her hand to.  She has been a lynchpin among the office staff.  One area of particular note to the children is her eternal vigilance.  She always has her eyes open as she roamed the school and she was a major source of nominations for Headmaster’s Awards, as she saw a kind act, or an example of courage.

It is therefore with some sadness that I have to let you know that Lynne has decided to put down the mantle and retire with her husband to the North Coast.  We all wish her and Joachim all the best, and are highly appreciative of the fact that she has left her son Karl behind to continue to keep the school ship shape.
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