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Notice to parents regarding Philosophy Course Offer

We are again running an Introductory Philosophy course for new and established parents at John Colet.  This course is an introduction to the philosophy which is behind the ethos of the School.  The course is offered and run by the School of Practical Philosophy, Sydney and is free to parents of children at John Colet; it is held at the School.    The aim is to acquaint parents with our approach to the moral and spiritual education of the children.

In order to run the course a minimum of six attendees is required: the course will be held on Wednesdays for 11 weeks from 8.45 a.m. to approx. 11.00 (includes a refreshment break), commencing 25th May and continuing into Term 3.

The course: draws on the great philosophic ideas of East and West which lead to mindful presence and effective action in work, study and every aspect of daily life.  The emphasis is on learning from the most powerful of teachers: our own experience.

Please find below a detailed Course Outline.  Should you wish to undertake the course but are unable to attend in the daytime, below also find evening times and venues. The evening sessions are also free to John Colet parents.

Please contact Mrs Donald if you are interested in the course which begins on  Wednesday 25th MAY (telephone: 9451-8395;  email or in person)

Detailed Course Outline
Session 1. Practical mindfulness
                     Philosophy and Living Wisdom
                     Being and Awareness

Session 2. Self discovery
                     Self knowledge
                     Clarity of Mind

Session 3. Being Awake
                     Levels of awareness.
                     Expanded consciouness

Session 4. The Present moment
                     Four states of attention

Session 5. What it means to live justly
                     Plato on justice

Session 6.  The light of reason
                     What is reason
                     How can reason be used mindfully?

Session 7. Mindful, conscious presence
                     The power of mindful observation

Session 8. The nature of beauty
                     Forms of beauty

Session 9. The nature of energy – a three fold model
                     The transcendent self

Session 10. Energy and mindful attention

Session 11. The desire for truth – what is it?
                       How can truth be discovered?

Term 2 2016 commences the week of Monday 23rd May

Elizabeth St
Mondays at 7pm
Tuesdays at 7pm
Wednesdays at 6.15pm
Saturdays at 9.30am

Tuesdays at 7pm

Thursdays at 9.30am