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Office Holders – how the decisions are made

A number of key events are coming up to bring the 2013 academic year to a close. We have the sports carnival, the Christmas Celebration incorporating the Nativity play performed by 2nd class, Picnic Day and Speech Night.  And preparations for all of these events are well underway.

One other important matter is the selection of next year’s Office Holders:  The Head Boy and Girl, the House Captains, the Head Chorister and the Art Prefect.  The process of selection is very careful.  The 5th class children are told of the qualities that are expected; and during the year there is consultation with teachers and students the present office holders have a special lunch with me where we discuss the various options.  And next week a poll will be taken of 4th, 5th and 6th class children and the staff.  The new office holders are then announced on Speech Night.  This year we are going to adopt a practice from other schools whereby the new office holders will make a promise to do their best to carry out their duties faithfully.

Another series of events are held to farewell the present 6th class.  I have a conversation with each of them wishing them well in the future and giving some useful (I hope) advice on the challenges of the teenage years.  They also receive a promise that the John Colet community will be available to them whenever they wish to avail themselves.

There is a lunch where each 5th class child makes a farewell speech to one of their 6th class friends, praising their qualities and wishing them well; and there is a final 6th class dinner where each member of the graduating class makes a speech thanking and praising their parents.

All this is a natural expression of the school’s ethos of care and service and respect.