On the vegetarian lunch menu week 1 next term - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

On the vegetarian lunch menu week 1 next term

Monday – closed
Tuesday – Thai style pumpkin soup
Wednesday – Sausage rolls
Thursday – Fried rice
Friday – 1st week of term pizza

I would like to thank all the children for another fantastic term.  It has been an absolute pleasure to cook for all of you, sometimes we don t always get it right but I hope that you have enjoyed most of the food that has been on offer.
I have noticed with each passing week the children are becoming more brave with foods and having the courage to try new things. As I always say, not every day can be pizza day.
I especially enjoyed when the children sang happy birthday to me this term, almost brought a tear to my eye.
Thanks, have a great holiday and I look forward to cooking for you again next term.
Glen Galloway