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Open Day and Open Hearted

Open Day is nearly upon us and the excitement is rising.  A huge amount of work behind (and in front and to the left and to the right) of the scenes goes on to make it a great showcase for the school.
A lot of marketing focuses on Open Day we have press ads, banners across the highways, brochure drops to pre-schools, the light box in Chatswood is changed to tell people about it, it is shared on Facebook with the school’s 256 (and counting) friends and, of course there is your word of mouth (and social media).
Open Day has to do some heavy lifting for the school.  It is a wonderful day for the children to show what they can do and also to have a day of fun on the various entertainments that the P & F has arranged for them; it is a great way for parents to see their children’s classrooms and to see the children perform;  it is a way that we can give a little back to the Northern Beaches community of which we are a part; and, not least, a way for prospective parents to come and see the school on display, with all of its wonderful aspects lively happy children, committed and hard-working parents, and great teachers, and they get to ride a donkey or handle a snake or buy a cake or bounce in a castle or talk to a Governor as well.
So from me, the proud Headmaster, a preliminary and heartfelt thank you to everyone who is working hard to bring it off.
And I d like to ask a HUGE favour as well: our neighbours are generally pretty good to us, and we try very hard to be good to them.  So PLEASE Park considerately on the day, even if it means the walk is a bit further it will give you a good excuse to stock up on all those cakes!
This week’s puzzle:  A Brain Teaser:  You are on a path and you come to a fork in the road; one road leads to life and the other to death, but you don t know which is which.  Happily there are two men waiting there who can tell you.  One always tells the truth and the other always lies.  But you don t know which is which.  And you can only ask one of them one question.  What is the question you must ask to find out the correct path, and then what must you do?
Answer to the last puzzle:  Laurence Hynes Halloran; Sydney Grammar


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