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Our biggest ever Instrumental concert!

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Twice as long as any year before (1.5hours) with solos on Piano, Violin, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukelele, Cello, Oboe and Flute, our Instrumental Concert this semester was a great show of developing talent!   Well done students and a special thanks to Rosy Davidson and all our music teachers for coordinating the evening.  Sincere thanks also to parent Sonia Stewart for the fabulous photos!

Beginner Violin Group –
Aanya F, Aashna Ot, Augustus N-G, Catherine M, Jasmine E, Mikayla C
Conductor – Mrs Rosy Johnston
Hello Mother/ Au Clair De La Lune/ Stew Pot Hop

Lily M                      Piano                        Dance

Marlon L                  Guitar                        Allegretto

Aanya F                  Violin                         Twinkle Twinkle Little Bow

Isabella C                Piano                        Rain Rain Go Away

Abigail E                 Guitar                        Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Nakita N                  Piano                        Forest Drums

Jasmine E               Violin                         Fuzzy Teddy Bear

Arthur T                   Piano                        Nobody Knows the Trouble I’m In

Byron M                  Guitar                        Hedwig’s Theme

Lily T                       Piano                        Willy Nilly

Jacob M                  Guitar                        I Like Chocolate Biscuits

Mikayla C                Violin                         Merrily we Roll Along

Alannah W               Piano                        Lightly Row/ Russian Sailor Dance

Elliott C-O                Guitar                        Twinkle Variation

Domenic S               Piano                        Dixieland Jam

Luka S                     Piano                        Around the Pool

Annica P                  Oboe                        Wiegenlied by F. Schubert

Aditya G                   Piano                        It’s Halloween

Eliot St                     Piano                        Russian Folk Song

Andre K                   Violin                         Ajajaj, I don’t Like Injections!

Anna W                    Piano                        Polka

Benjamin G              Cello                         Allegro from Sonata in C by Breval

Ellston C                 Piano                        For Elise

Sophie R                 Clarinet                     Amazing Grace

Elizabeth W             Piano                        Ballade

Louis S-G                Guitar                       Lightly Row

Levi Z                       Piano                      Little Playmates

Antonia S                 Piano                       Chagrin D’Enfant

Ayush O                  Guitar                       May Song

Ili K                          Piano                        My Robot

Joshua J                  Guitar                       Perpetual Motion

Catherine M             Piano                        Allouette

Jessica G                Guitar                       Twinkle Variation

Levi P                      Piano                        Famous People

David M                   Piano                        Big Ben

Isla M                      Piano                        Indian Drums

Jude H-Y & Suren S  Guitar                       Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Sachin K                  Piano                        A Porcupine Dance

Tahlia C                    Flute                         Gone Troppo

Xin Y                        Piano                        Fax Blues

Sam C                     Guitar                       Jurassic Park

Vanessa C                Piano                        Racing Toward Home

Celia L                      Piano                        Roman Holiday

Zoe Tt                       Piano                        Waltz Time

Sascha K                 Cello                         Prelude

John Colet Instrumental Ensemble –
Andre K, Annica P, Benjamin G, Frankie L, Gerry M, William W, Sascha K, Elizabeth W
Conductor – Mrs Rosy Johnston
Rigaudon by Purcell
Hakuna Matata from The Lion King

John Colet School Choir – All Students
Conductor- Mr Glen Miller
Seek Ye First by Karen Lafferty