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Our relationship to God, Man and the Universe

This week we are up to that part of the school creed which enjoins us to consider our relationship to God, Man and the Universe.  This is very personal and individual.

How do we relate to God?  Is He, to us, a Father in Heaven watching benignly and justly over His creation?  Is He an inner presence, a still small voice, an inner prompting guiding us to do what is right and refrain from what is wrong?  Do we see a spark of the divine in everything we meet?

And what is our relationship to humanity? Do we greet everyone in their own peace?  Do we deal justly and fairly with our fellow man?  Do we acknowledge our own humanity and delight in the gifts, and undertake the responsibilities of the human condition?

And, what is our relationship to the Universe?  How do we treat our environment?  Are we a trustee and a steward?  Do we give as well as take?  Do we leave places a little better than when we arrived?

Leon MacLaren gave a simple piece of advice which would cover all these seemingly complex relationships.  He recommended that we give focused attention to what is in front of us, and to respond to any need with energy and love.  If we do this our relationship with the divine, with our fellow man, and with our immediate environment would be attended to happily and efficiently.

Last week’s puzzle: What is the longest word in English with one vowel?  Strengths.  Also, depending on how you interpret the question: Screeched.

Next question: What is the German name for Germany; The Finnish name for Finland; the Burmese name for Burma; the Indian name for India?