Our results at Mona Vale Chess Competition - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Our results at Mona Vale Chess Competition

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!
On Wed 27 March, 24 students from John Colet competed at the Northern Beaches Primary Schools Chess Challenge 2013.  Altogether, there were 264 students (88 teams) representing 17 schools!!
The John Colet children were magnificent – wonderfully behaved, great sportsmen and sportswomen.  What a great day.
I believe the final points ended up as follows:

Team D (Yasha B, Daya C-H, Scout H) 10.5 pointscongratulations on 7th place!!
Team B (Xavier S, Nathan C, Rex F) 9.5 points

Team A (Jarod C, Ryan B, Sean B) – 8 points
Team C (Dominic S, Justin T, Lucas v de S) – 8 points
Team G (Mi Mi P, Thomas J, Sean G) – 8 points

Team E (Brigitte S, Ashleigh E, Maisy T) 7.5 points
Team F (Samuel L, Harry P, William W) 7.5 points
Team H (Kai P, Michael T, Luke B) –  6 Points
Fabulous effort.

Lessons Next Term-
Term 2 lessons will commence the first week back from school holidays.  That is:
Monday lessons on 6th May (second week back)
Wednesday lessons on 1st May (first week back)
Friday lessons on 3rd May.

Yours strategically,
Heather B