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Our sailing club – 25 years and still going strong…

John Colet Sailing Club started in 1987 under the auspices of John Kearney (husband to John Colet teacher Jean Kearney). John started it by buying a couple of Herons and joining the Balmoral Sailing Club. There were no Herons at the club at that time. Matt Collis became involved with the club a few years after that. The club then started buying Mirrors until there was a fleet of about 6 – 8 mirrors within 10 years. Beginners were given instructions and sailing practice in the mornings. The more experienced sailors either crewed for adults or went racing in the afternoons. The John Colet Sailing Club went to the Nationals at Noosa in 1994 and Balmoral in 1995. There were no winners from John Colet but they still had lots of fun. Parents took over the running of the club when John left in 1997.

Matt Collis, who joined the club circa 1990, is a great contributor to John Colet Sailing Club and continues to give this selfless service after 15 plus years. As the flow of parent helpers comes and goes over the years, Matt is the stalwart there. He is meticulous in maintaining the boats in between the seasonal maintenance, which he carries out too. He will often be found repairing the boats, giving advice on cleaning and maintenance to children and adults alike. He helps teach the children in the mornings how to rig and de-rig the boats and skippers with them in the afternoons. From time to time he takes the kids or Dads (and sometimes Mums) out in the boats for pointers. Matt has a great approach to the Club and is very patient with the kids (and the mums and dads!). He is a very kind and generous man and as such, has donated many sailing trips on the Harbour for our Fundraisers.

We feel honoured that Matt is still with the Club and are grateful for his many years of service. Matt will be attending our Staff morning tea on the 7th November where we will be thanking him formally.