Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement:

Our vision, which is the purpose for which the school was founded and which it seeks to serve in the long term, is to make practical the school’s motto “Testare de Illa Luce” (Bear Witness of that Light) by:

  • Introducing the children to simple, effective techniques of self-awareness
  • Building good character by giving children a moral and ethical framework for living
  • Having dedicated teachers teach the finest content; nourishing the children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; and preparing them for a happy, productive and responsible life.


Our mission, which is our near-term goal and which is the school’s way of putting its Vision into practice, is that the children:
• Have experience of inner stillness and peace
• Set an example of good character and service to others, in accordance with the School Values
• Are emotionally resilient
• Pursue excellence in their conduct, and in their academic and other school activities
• Are well-versed in the NSW Curriculum, the school’s own benchmarks of success, and can effectively build on their primary school learning in high school and beyond.


These are the principles which guide and inform how the school enacts its Vision and Mission, and how the members of the school community – staff, children, parents and governors – endeavour to conduct themselves internally and externally.


1. Know Thyself:

Practice:  Stillness

  1. Am I still?
  2. Am I peaceful?
  3. Am I aware of myself?
  4. Am I awake and aware of others?

2. Speak the Truth:

Practice:  Truthfulness

  1. Is it true?
  2. Is it kind, pleasant and beneficial?
  3. Is it uplifting?
  4. What would a wise person say or do?

3. Display self-control, inner strength and right action:

Practice: Courage

  1. Are my words and actions truthful?
  2. Can I forgive others?
  3. Do I meet challenges with resilience?
  4. Do I step up to protect those in need?

4. Serve, love and care for all:

Practice: Service

  1. Am I giving full attention?
  2. Is it beautiful, well-presented, and pleasing to others?
  3. Does this action benefit everyone?
  4. Am I setting a good example?
  5. Is my attitude positive?

5. Work together with love, honour and respect for one another:

Practice: Respect

  1. Does this action unify?
  2. Is this safe for myself and others?
  3. Is it considerate of the happiness and comfort of others?
  4. Is it honourable, respectful and dignified?
  5. Does this action reflect well on my nation, school, family and myself?