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P&F cake stall, what to bake

Open Day 2015 CAKE STALL

This is a very popular stall at the Open day and it is a fun and delicious way of raising money for the school. We would very much appreciate it if each family could provide one (or more) home made goodies for the stall. The goodies will also be used for morning tea supplies in the hall.

Some suggestions are:




      banana breads



      cup cakes

      mini quiches and other savoury items.

Gluten free and vegan items are popular so would be very much appreciated. We will be sending home a cake box and a couple of small ziplock bags, If you would like additional packaging materials (or cake bases for round cakes) they will be available in the breezeway in the week before open day in a plastic box marked cake stall (separate to the cake competition).

It is important that each item is CLEARLY LABELLED WITH ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS. Please remember that all items are to be vegetarian and NUT FREE.

Please deliver all items to the Cake Stall upon arrival at the Open Day. We will be in the parking area between the office and the hall. Thank you very much for your support!