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P&F meeting recap

Another fast-paced and efficient meeting...

The P&F meeting on a recent Monday night continued on from the racy, pacy tone set at the first meeting. From Hot Cross Buns to a reading and reflection on the School’s Mission, Vision and Values; from very funny suggestions for Gala Dinner auction to NAPLAN; from money to tea towels. So what was the upshot, you ask?

Word of mouth is a most effective way to help other families find our school before Open Day. Lets get behind the school’s marketing efforts and get fliers to your preschools (contact our fab new registrar Belinda James on bjames@johncolet.nsw.edu.au), put a sticker on your car, and get the word out online with a few motivating words on kidspot.com.au or on google reviews. Lets share the good news about JC.

On the more somber matter of Workplace, Health and Safety, have you noticed anything at the school that may need a closer look for safety, or a nip and tuck for health? Christine Condos, our Bursar, would love to hear from you at ccondos@johncolet.nsw.gov.au

The lovely Linda Zanella has been keeping the lines open for the Walkathon on 21st March. The funds raised will be used to install fitness stations (mini play areas cum sports resource) around the school! Get your pledges in – and the grandparents’ – and keep an eye out for the class parents’ emails coordinating volunteers on the day.

See you at the next meeting on Monday 7th April, at 8.30am.

With love, from the P&F Committee 2014