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P&F Update

Hello this is a quick update following  the first P&F meeting of the year.  You should by now have received copies of the minutes emailed to you from your class parents.
Make sure you have these main events in your diary more details and calls to action for various events will come in the following weeks.  Please don t be afraid to put up your hand to help.
Calendar of Events for 2017

  • 17 March             –              Walkathon
  • 1 April                   –              Movie Night
  • 28 May                 –              Open Day
  • 9 September       –              Gala Dinner
  • 25 November     –              Trivia Night

Other news that came to light:

  • Paper Permission Slips will be a thing of the past as this will now be done online via emails (similar to the Swimming Carnival permission slip last year) – hoorah!
  • Topical Talks a series of informative talks for parents was discussed we are looking at a program for these if you have anything you would be interested in hearing about please let your class parent know.
  • Bus Services Over the coming months the school will be looking into this – If you would be interested in a bus service to and/or from school from your suburb please let your Class Parent know, don t forget to include the suburb.

The next meeting is Monday 6th March
Stay cool this weekend and fingers crossed we don t have power cuts!!

Niki T