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Parent surveys show Shakespeare’s importance

In the first term of each year, John Colet School surveys the parents of children who graduated the year before.  We want parents’ honest reflections on John Colet School, which they give after their children have had a chance to settle in to high school. 
What stands out is the positive view that parents have of our enriched curriculum, and in particular, Shakespeare. Here is a selection of feedback snippets… “Shakespeare, Strong in English”

“The many life enriching lessons gained from being on the stage, whether that be formally via Shakespeare or via the many other opportunities to present to peers, school and broader community. There are so many! 2. Having the same teacher for Infants then again in Primary promotes a true understanding of each child and enhances the ability for each child to reach full potential prior to moving onto high school. 3. Quality/richness of the subject matter the children learn through.”

“The School of Philosophy background but also this year with the devastating fire but the school’s positive response to this. Very impressive. The breadth of education (Shakespeare and Sanskrit), the reading of scriptures. The music and art education. I love the emphasis on music and particularly singing.”

Opportunities for any child to shine whether in academia, sport or extracurricular activity; . The expectation of everyone striving for excellence;

“Academic excellence, Musical and theatrical excellence, Moral development of child.”

“Great headmaster & teachers. Ability to deal with different levels of ability in classroom which appears seamless & without ostracizing those at the outer edges of the spectrum. Opening the children’s minds to Shakespeare, Sanskrit, the arts, caring for each other and meditation. You feel you are part of a caring family all working together for the greater good of the community.”

“Genuine Student care, high expectations are the norm, Shakespeare, high calibre teaching – approach to teaching. My daughter was fortunate enough to receive her education via M & D more or less throughout her primary school life. There was such a wonderful bond of trust, care, and common/shared child raising responsibilities that I would not find anywhere else I am sure. The communication was fantastic and very personal. I felt my daughter was in excellent hands at all times. Any issues were dealt with openly, respectfully and immediately.

Parents are also surveyed on different topics throughout the infants and primary years. All the feedback is analysed, and is used in our school’s ongoing development.