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Parents’ Roster: How you can help at Open Day

A few reminders, some gentle and some not so gentle…

Make sure you put yourself on one of the Rosters!  Thank you to all those who have.
We are looking for at least one hour per family.  Remember first in best shifts!  If we don t get sufficient volunteers by Wednesday we will need to look to a conscription model.

We are being very brave and bold and trialling a new roster model via doodle.   Having tried conscription, allocation and volunteering with mixed success we are going to give this a go.  Below are five links to doodle schedules.  Please include your name, mobile number and email when you register your interest.  Once we have the polls completed the task co-ordinators will contact you with more information.

Please note there will be no tasks allocated between 10.00 11.00 to ensure all parents can watch the performances.

Week PriorThis coming week
Roster to help in the week leading up to Open Day.  We know from previous years that helping on the day for some parents can be difficult due to other commitments, young children etc.  We also understand these same people are keen to contribute.  Taking that feedback on board we have identified some useful tasks.

The tasks in this poll includes:

         helping with signage and ticketing etc.  The poll is suggesting from 8:30 10.30 for this task.

         Set up on Saturday from 11.00 am 2.00 pm

o   Fill umbrella bases

o   Set up tables and stalls

o   Decorate school

Sunday 24 May.
Open Day

         Lunch ticket selling 11.00 2.00 –

         Pack-up- 2.00 4.00 (many hands make light work hopefully finished before 4.00) –

Cake Stall
This involves set-up and receiving baked goods, selling and pack-up.

Year 6 Games
Please give priority to year 6 parents for this task.