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P&F meeting re-cap

Future Meetings
Katrina put forward for discussion the timing of future P&F meetings. The suitability of holding future meetings on an alternating basis between morning and evening was discussed. A decision was made to commence with this plan based on availability of members and in the spirit of majority rule. A desire to be flexible was also noted. It was also noted that a number of board members are at the school during the day and could be called on to attend. They include Gilbert Main, Judith Donald and Christine Condos.
The timing of P&F meetings will be put in school weekly note.

Coming Events in 2013

Cherry has volunteered to organise the walkathon this year. A handout was supplied that summarises the role of the class parents in relation to this event. It was noted that set up, as in previous years will be undertaken by 6th class. A desire to have all monies raised and brought to school by early next term was noted. Donna stated that monies raised by the walkathon have been earmarked for furnishings, white boards and air conditioning for two new classrooms. A target of $10,000.00 (based on good takings for previous years) was put forward by Donna. The committee accepted this target.

Ideas to track the total funds raised were discussed. Joe Thompson suggested that 6th class could undertake a group project that could visually track monies raised. Jo Thompson will follow up on this matter.
Jo volunteered to bring is eskies filled with ice on the day of the walkathon.
Alex volunteered to locate spray bottles to be used on the day of the walkathon.
It was decided that each class would determine their reward system for the day of the walkathon.

Art Show and Open Day Fair
Liz, Alex, Geraldine and Cherry have volunteered to co-ordinate this event.
Liz will design a roster for the day. It will outline manning requirements for the day.
Donna M has volunteered to organise and run a curry food stall on the day.
Katrina P has volunteered to organise and run an Asian food stall on the day.
Anne-Marie has volunteered to organise and run a French bakery stall on the day.

Katrina  advised a number of volunteers were required to help run the art show. Class parents were asked to disseminate this request amongst the school community.
Donna T advised it would be a good idea that a class delegate was on hand on fair day to make sure people turned up for their shift on each class stall. It was noted that this has been an issue in the past. To alleviate communication problems class parents were advised to avail themselves of parent mobile numbers.
It was also noted that class parents need to be available during most of fair day to supervise and keep things on track.

Other Fund Raising News
Katrina noted that generally every second year John Colet School has a major fund raiser. It has been decided to delay a Ball type event to next year upon the school turning 30. Donna proposed that this year’s event should be a family friendly event thereby including all parents and children. Initial ideas include picnic dinner including a cover charge, with maybe a bush dance, games/bingo, disco, or bare-foot bowls. All ideas are welcomed.

Deanna has volunteered to organise a sausage sizzle at Bunnings. The timing of the event will be advised by her.

Other Items
Class parents were advised to organise a class kitty (if not already done so).
Katrina asked for a representative from each class to attend upcoming P&F meetings so as to keep the lines of communication open and strengthen involvement.
Alex asked if P&F minutes could be put on the school website blog. She has volunteered to edit minutes supplied by secretary for the blog.
Katrina welcomed any suggestions and feed-back from class parents and offered them the P&F Committee’s help and support.

Next Meeting
Next meeting will be Mon 11th March at 7.30pm in the John Colet School staff room.
The meeting was closed 9.05am.