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P&F meeting report

1.       Tabling of Last Meeting’s Minutes
Minutes from the last P&F meeting held on 13 may 2013 were tabled, amended and then accepted by the committee members present.
2.       Fair Feedback and Discussion
Katrina B wholeheartedly thanked Liz K for her efforts in co-ordinating the Fair this year and noted the warm feel, beautiful set up and excellent signage on the day. Each stall holder has been asked to submit a written report about operations on the day to help prepare for future fair days. Mary M added her appreciation for the efforts of the P&F committee and parent community (and volunteers) and noted that the fair was warm and inviting and the children had a lovely time.

Mary M reminded the committee that there will be a morning tea on Wednesday, 3rd June 2013, hosted by Mr Mane, in order to thank those who gave time and effort to the fair. It will commence at 8.30am in the staffroom.

Liz K’s fair reports were tabled and attached to the minutes.

It was noted that the juice ran out early on fair day. Donna T commented that the number of juice boxes was limited so as to encourage people to try the sugar cane juice.

Susie F thought the cake stall prices a little high. Marina B responded that demand usually outstrips supply. She added that people liked to come late so as to pick up cakes at a discount. In comparison to retail shops the prices were thought to be favourable. The idea was to start pricing at a higher level and then to bring them down later in the day. Marina B thought an additional table for sold goods would be advisable. Katrina B noted that pricing of cakes is a fine balancing act which needs to take into account the effort and expense each person makes in baking and then donating the cakes and the affordability of them on the day. Other ideas for the cake stall included having trays so people could choose a mix of smaller items.

Jo-Anne T noted that there were not enough rubbish bins provided.

Cherry H noted that more help on Saturday setup would be a good idea.

Katrina B noted that it is a fine balance for determining requirements for help on the day as parents are, at the end of the day, volunteers.

Alex D noted that many people did not turn up to the clean-up crew. An idea was put forward to have ex-students attend and pay them a small fee for their help with clean up on fair day.

Susie F noted that signage about age ranges for particular rides would be advisable.

Alex C would like to record her sincere thanks to two people in particular for their great effort and enthusiasm in the long build up to Fair and Open Day.  Liz K did a fantastic job all round and especially in liaising with parents, consulting with stallholders and keeping everyone informed.  Her communication was really terrific, as were the signs and flyers she designed and had produced. 

Alex C would also like to thank Geraldine W for her tireless liaison with the external food and drink providers, fair activities providers and sourcing many paper and promotional items.  Her attention to detail, big picture overview and eye for a bargain were a great asset to the event.

Thank you both for your dedicated help, great spirit and creative energies.

3.       Art Show Feedback and Discussion
Katrina B noted that the opening night was an amazing occasion. But she also noted that having the Art Show on the same weekend as the fair made it a busy weekend and as such there was a suggestion to hold the opening night the weekend before the fair or have the Art Show at some other time in the year. Timing of future Art Shows will be discussed further by the Art Show Committee.

Donna T noted that one third of the takings for the Art Show occurred on Friday night with two thirds taken on fair day (Sunday).

4.       Park Update on the Corner of Contentin Road and Wyatt Avenue
This item has been postponed to next P&F Meeting.

5.       Rehabilitation of Playground Within School Grounds
Christine Condos advised the P&F Committee that the school is developing a landscaping master plan with consultants and once this is done and aligned with the general development plan for the school facilities, a timetable of landscaping stages will be drafted.

Susie F has requested that the landscaping master plan be available for viewing by the parent body.

6.       Request for Funding Kitchen Equipment
$800 has been requested by Donna Moor for a chest freezer and utensils. Donna T recommended that the funds should be allocated and Katrina B seconded the motion. The committee members present carried the motion.

 7.       Request for Funding – New Vacuum Cleaner
The P&F members asked Mary M to ascertain whether the school can supply this item with school funds.

8.       Request For Funding Sailing Club
Funds have been requested for some small, easy to manage and rig, second-hand sailing boats. Katrina B asked the P&F to allocate $1,800 to $2,000. Motion was seconded and carried by the committee members present.

9.       Fundraising Update Bunning’s BBQ
This will now be run by the Board of Governors. A note will be put in the weekly note, which will ask for volunteers to help run the event.

10.   Treasurer’s Report
Donna T advised that the total fair day takings were about the same as last year. Expenses were lower than last year however, which lead to an increased profit of approximately $2,000.

Donna T advised $12, 313.39 profit was made on the day. This does not include Art show profits. A detailed breakdown of fair takings and expenses was tabled and attached to the minutes.

Donna T thanked all those on stalls and all other volunteers for their efforts.

Donna T advised that P&F Committee funds were accumulating well and will be allocated when new development work commences.

Katrina B thanked Donna for all her accounting efforts for the fair and the P&F Committee.

Donna T tabled the following financial position of the P&F Committee:

Cash at Bank 13 May 2013                                                    $23,481

Plus deposits                                                                          $30,411

Less outgoings                                                                       $10,741

Cash at Bank 3 June 2013                                                      $43,151

Less: unpresented cheques                                                  $    106

Less known expenses:          Fair and Open Day         $ 7,155

                                              Artist Commissions         $10,023

                                                        Bear Cottage           $ 1,200


Plus known deposits:             Trybooking (Art Show)  $    733

Available for Use                                                      $25,400


Plus eftpos transactions:      Fair                                 $ 4,740

                                                        Art Show              $10,325

                                                        Trivia etc (2012)   $ 2,577



11.   Executive and Board Reports
Mary M advised that the school is looking at the new national curriculum. The new English curriculum will be introduced next year and maths, science and geography will be introduced in 2015. Staff members have undertaken training in the new English curriculum.

Mary M advised a committee has been set up to look at IT issues within the school which will consider new directions in this area.

Mary M advised the school is looking into where the office staff is to be housed while building works commence. Options are being considered.

Mary M noted that the new singing teacher, Michaela Miles, is doing a great job in her new role with the school.

Mary also thanked the P&F for their excellent and ongoing efforts.

Sarah W advised that the request made at the last P&F Committee meeting for more notice about upcoming school fees was tabled at the last Board of Governor’s meeting.

Sarah W advised that the Board of Governors has taken on the running and co-ordination of the Bunning’s BBQ. It will be held on the first Sunday of school holidays.

Sarah W also advised that in-house OH&S reports and documentation were undertaken each week.

12.   Garden Club
Alex D advised that the school has applied for funding under the Live Life Well @ School program. It is a joint program of the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and NSW Health and aims at enhancing teachers knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching nutrition education and physical activity as part of the K-6 PDHPE syllabus. Teachers, Marie White and Simona Cippollone, attended a workshop to gain knowledge about the application of the program, on behalf of the school. $2000 funding will be available from DEC for implementation of nutrition and physical activity programs and $2,400 funding from Health Promotion, Northern Sydney Local Health Districts for implementation of the program.  It is a 3-year program with continued support. The website for the program is: //www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/campaigns-programs/live-life-well-@-school.aspx”>http://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/campaigns-programs/live-life-well-@-school.aspx

13.   Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 22nd July, 2013 in the staff room.

14.   Meeting Closed
Katrina B closed the meeting at 10am.