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P&F minutes for March meeting

1.       Walk-a-thon
The event is under two weeks away. Class parents should have received an email about requirements for the day. If you are a class parent that did not receive this email, please contact Cherry H.
Donna M lunch will be served in the lunchroom, as usual, on the day of the walk-a-thon.
A fundraising target of $10,000 has been set. The plan is to spend the funds on air conditioning and interactive white boards in new classrooms.
Alex C will supply one spray bottle per class and Donna Moor has offered to supply more spray bottles.

2.       Open Day
a.       Stalls Planning
Open Day (Sunday 26th May) planning is based on primarily showcasing the school; the secondary purpose is to raise funds for the school.
Entertainment for little kids has been deemed essential.
There is a desire to have an old English country fair feel at Open Day.
More face painters will be provided at this year’s event in response to requests from the school community.
Popcorn, snow cones and hot chips providers will be sourced from outside the school.
The majority of the food will be provided by in-house families and will include a French CafÈ, Curry House, Asian Food Stall, Cake Stall and Tea Shop.
As in past years, there will be a cake baking competition.
Following is a detailed breakdown of stall type by class (as supplied by Liz). Please note that the stall allocation is yet to be finalised and that the following summary is an indication only and is subject to change.








Gourmet Cake stall Incl chutneys and jams

Whole school contribution: baked goods. Specific section for allergies


Popcorn and community game 1*

TBC when entertainment finalised


Food assistance for Donna Moor Tea room



Cleaning, during and after



2nd hand book stall, badge making and wandering wizards

Whole school contribution: 2nd hand books

Upper 1st

Treasure bags and tombola/lucky dip


Lower 1st

Ticket sales, MBS bookings, raffle tickets










The Mind Body Spirit stall has had very generous support from a lot of volunteers. This is much appreciated.

The final mix of rides has yet to be finalised. Options considered so far include a climbing mountain, obstacle course/challenge and a regular jumping Knights themed castle. Organisers are trying to accommodate all age groups
The Crocodile/Reptile man is available.
So too is the pony and petting zoo.
Alex C has indicated that good signage is required. She also noted that printing of signs is expensive. Katrina has asked for more consideration of this issue as signage, indicating the location of stalls within the grounds of the school, is required on Fair Day.
Liz K will hand out a communication pack to class parents, including a map of where things are and how they will work.
Decorative helium balloons, containing the John Colet School logo will be used for decorative purposes throughout the Fair.
Sarah O put forward the idea of a Living Fundraiser Stall at the Fair. It will supply organic flowers, vegetables and herbs which are designed to be windowsill gardens. Pre-orders from school community will be required and pick up will occur on the day of the Fair. Items will also be available to purchase on the day as well. Donna T and Sarah will set up the pre-order system.

b.      Food Delivery
On Fair day, Donna M will provide two vegan curries, a cheese curry, rice, nachos and sausage rolls. This will showcase the school’s food policy to prospective parents. Donna M asked for any volunteers with knife-skills.
Katrina C has offered to run an Asian Food Stall, which will sell freshly, crushed sugar-cane juice, bamboo sticky rice and dumplings. She will source emperor costumes for fund-raising photo opportunities as well.
A Coffee Cart has not been finalised as yet. Discussions are still underway. Maria M offered to organise a parent-run coffee stall. Donna T noted that electrical issues are influencing the final decision. If the parent-run coffee stall is deemed unfeasible, a cart will be sourced from outside the school. Donna T has indicated that quick delivery of coffee at the fair is a priority.
3.       Art Show
The location for the Art Show has been decided. Sarah W advised that the art room and library were considered but proved to be a logistically difficult. As such, the Art Show will be set up in the Maclaren Hall (dining and assembly hall). Donna M has advised that the children will still receive a lunch service while the Art Show runs. She will be setting up an outdoors kitchen.
The Art Show will include a walkway of children’s artwork. These works can be purchased by parents. A charge of $20 per canvas has been set.
Opening night of the Art Show will include live music and Ingrid R will do the catering. The organising committee is also looking into other entertainment to add to the festivities of the evening.
Organisers envision producing a Flyer . It is proposed that one side of the flyer will advertise the fair and the other, advertise the Art Show.
Katrina B called for any artists in the school community to submit work
All sales will include a 30% commission (of which 30% of net profits will go to Bear Cottage and the rest to JCS).
There will be provision for each class to tour the artworks and thereby view a mini gallery in their own school.
Katrina B reminded class parents that Open Day is primarily to showcase the school and as such should be, in the first instance, a day in which we are working together as a community for the greater good. She reiterated that the P&F committee is here to help them in any way it can.

4.       Garden Club Proposal
Alex D has proposed to have a garden on school grounds, which will be a volunteer driven exercise.
Alex D envisions starting small, maybe commencing with a composting unit and using food scraps from kitchen. Then small plots and beds would follow.
The endeavour would run as a garden club within the school community.
It would be interactive and provide teaching opportunities.
Permaculture groups have offered to help out. So too have people from Kimbriki.
School science, art and meditation classes could use the facilities and school curriculum could incorporate the use of the garden.
Current council grants have a lot of limiting criteria but in the longer run grants could be pursued.
Alex D will place an item within the Weekly Note describing the proposal and also eliciting volunteers.
It is proposed the garden could be located near the current greenhouse and water tank. There is a desire to integrate the garden into the fabric of the school.

5.       Board of Governors Update
Information was supplied by Mary M in the absence of board representative.
A request has been made to council to increase school numbers to a maximum of 350 children.
Parking has been noted as an ongoing neighbourhood issue. Parents are reminded to park with care.
The new building (incorporating the old administration building) will contain ground floor administration offices and upper floor classrooms.
The building of the COLA will follow this work. Timing of commencement will depend on funding.

6.       Other Business
It was noted that Rear to Kerb parking is a Warringah council requirement.
Mary indicated she would consult with Christine C on making this requirement better signposted so as local residents understand why it is occurring and holding them up.
It was noted that the verge on the corner of Cotentin Road and Wyatt Avenue is blocked by vegetation making access difficult to the parking spaces on Cotentin Road. It was noted that the school has written to council about clearing it.
Any school community members who are also Warringah council residents are urged to contact council to fix this area up.
Katrina B asked Susie F if she could organise a note in the Weekly Newsletter about this issue, with a view to resolution via school community involvement.
Mary M will check with Christine C to see if the parent body can provide any more help on this issue.

7.       Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held from 8.30am Monday, 8 April 2013.