Pisa trials for 3rd Term sport - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Pisa trials for 3rd Term sport

We will be having Pisa trials for the 3rd – 6th class pupils from the start of Term 3. The first after school trial will be on the first day back on Tuesday 16th July, we will have a further trial on Tuesday 23rd July, as well as trials during School sports lessons throughout the first two weeks, up to and including Friday 26th July, when we will aim to have the teams finalised.

All pupils are welcome to try out for the teams throughout the first two weeks. Please note that the children will be assessed during all sport lesson times and therefore any pupil can still be picked for the team whether or not they attend the after school trials.

The boys in 5th and 6th class will be playing three Rugby League matches during Term 3. Since these boys only have a limited number of matches and total numbers of students are small, it has been decided that all 5th and 6th class boys, wishing to play, will automatically be included in the squad. After School sport on the Tuesdays will be optional for this group.

The boys in 3rd and 4th classes will be playing Rugby League every week and therefore we will be picking the best boys for the team. These boys will be expected to train after School every Tuesday.

All girls from 3rd to 6th class will be playing Football (soccer).  We will pick the best teams from these year groups.

Equipment needed for all sports lessons and games: Boys: Football Boots and Mouth Guards (compulsory). If any boy does not have a mouth guard they will not be allowed to take part. Boys may wear head gear if they wish. Girls: Football Boots and Shin Pads. Pisa matches start on Friday 2nd August at Nolans Reserve, North Manly.