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Prac student shares her love of teaching

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Lower First M students have had many rich learning experiences in Literacy and Numeracy lessons this week.
They have been engaging greatly with their sentence writing. They have had a main focus on understanding the concepts of poems and their language techniques (especially adjectives and punctuation), in order to create their very own colour poem! The students loved to explore their imagination and think of different colours and objects to match that colour. Students also thought about how objects may make them feel, whilst also gaining knowledge around the importance of our five senses. In addition, students have been creating their own sentences in Handwriting, using their own spelling words. Not only are students able to work at their own level, be creative, and create great pride in their own personal work, the exercise consolidates their spelling list.
Within Numeracy, students main focus has been surrounding the notion of mass (Sub-stands Working Mathematically and Geometry and Measurement). Students have been exploring the concept of hefting as well as the ability to use and read balance scales, all of which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Lower First M have also added Exit Slips at the end of their Numeracy lessons. The Exit Slip strategy requires students to write responses to questions on their learning at the end of their lesson (in our case, students told me, and I wrote their answers verbatim). Exit Slips help students reflect on what they have learned and express what or how they are thinking about the new information, as well as giving them the opportunity to express how they would like to improve or what they may be stuck on. Our Exit Slips will be displayed within the classroom in the coming week. The students are very keen on the idea.
Well done on a productive and fulfilling week Lower First M! Keep up the wonderful work!

Harriet Wickett Macquarie University final practicum student.