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Premier’s Reading Challenge: bumper year for John Colet

The PRC is officially finished!

I am so proud of all our students this year. The first year all of primary entered their own records online here at school and most of infants were able to complete the challenge at home with some assistance too. (I graciously thank all those parents who kindly stepped in to help at home when it was a bit tricky at school)

I m pleased to announce that this year, 203 students (out of 229 enrolled) completed the challenge!!! (compared with 166 in 2018 and 98 in 2017) What a huge result!

Thanks again for your support of the PRC. A great initiative that encourages children and families to continue to enjoy sharing quality literature together, even after children are reading independently.

Thank you also for the wonderful response to our Book Swap for Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We raised $426.50 through the gold coin donation sales of your donated second-hand books.

Amy Slaven