Proudly supporting

Proudly supporting “Fetch it for a Farmer”

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This week we had Crazy Headwear Day for Cook House Market Day. The charity that Cook House chose was Fetch it For a Farmer.

This charity was founded by sixteen-year-old Annabelle K who came and spoke to our Assembly about the drought and the fundraiser she started. Her parents farm is 50km outside of Wagga and the livestock are now fed and watered by hand.

The farmers in Australia are suffering both financially and mentally and Annabelle wanted to do something to help them. She decided to set up a charity and with any money raised buy food vouchers which the farmers could spend in their local grocery stores. This means not only the farmers benefit but so do the local businesses and stores.

The best part is that Annabelle’s charity is a non-profit organisation and this is another reason why Cook House chose to support her charity.

I would like to thank the John Colet School community for supporting this amazing cause. I know we will make a big impact in some farming families’ lives and I know they are grateful for our help.

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Lucia C
Cook House Captain