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Reflecting on gifts and talents

We can happily say that Grandparents Day was a resounding success!  The first indicator was the wonderful response over 100 grandparents came, and were entertained by their grandchildren, served and looked after by Sixth Class and given the opportunity to see lessons in progress.  I must say that some of the children’s writing about their Grandparents which was displayed in the classrooms, was very touching, as well as portraits and photos.  Thanks to all those who contributed.
The week ahead brings more adventure:  the Primary classes will be away from Wednesday to Friday exploring life further afield Milson Island and Bathurst.  Undoubtedly they will have opportunities both to learn and to have fun!
Generosity our present practice:   A little reflective moment:  all the children have been blessed with gifts, talents, abilities and opportunities:  every child can dip into this cornucopia of endowments:  some have gifts, some talents, all have particular abilities and certainly all have opportunities.  The big question for all of us is what we do with them.
Marsilio Ficino, 15th century Renaissance scholar, philosopher and mentor to many of the Renaissance greats , states in a letter to Cosimo de Medici that whilst a person may have many endowments, he or she will not be truly happy until they discover what they are.  Having discovered them, they need to be used, for what is the point of a gift or talent that lies idle?  
However, real happiness follows when these abilities and opportunities are made good use of, and that always entails using them rightly for the good of all.  Using what we have been given for the benefit of all is an act of generosity.  Let us thus be generous to one another.


Grandparents and students mingle in a classroom on Grandparents Day.