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Registrar’s Report

Sibling enrolments for 2019 and 2020 please submit an application NOW
The word is out there in the community about our wonderful school and the education we provide our students. 
2018 Lower First               Fully enrolled and on waitlist
2019 Lower First               Enrolling into the second and final class
2020 Lower First               Long list of applicants. Interviews to commence in the new year
It is always the aim of the School to offer sibling priority, but to do this we must have an Application for them.

Lower First 2019
We are currently interviewing and enrolling into our second and final class for Lower First 2019.
Lower First 2020
The Headmaster will commence interviewing in the new year for the 2020 Lower First intake.  If you have a sibling for either the 2019 or 2020 intake,  please complete an Application and return it to me ASAP so they can be given sibling priority.