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Registrar’s update

Sibling enrolments for Lower 1st 2021 submit an application without delay!
The word is out in the community about our wonderful school and the education we provide our students.  It is always the aim of the School to offer sibling priority, however, to do this we must have received an application for them.
2020 Lower 1st                Fully enrolled and on Wait List
2021 Lower 1st                Enrolling into the second and final class
2022 Lower 1st                Accepting applications
Lower 1st   2021
We are currently interviewing and offering places for Lower 1st 2021.  One class is at capacity and we are now enrolling into our second and final class.  If you have a sibling for the 2021 intake,  please complete an application form and return it to Reception, marked to me, without delay.  Forms can be downloaded from the website or picked up from my office.
Lower 1st 2022 and beyond
We are accepting applications for 2022 and beyond.

Mrs Belinda James