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Report from our P&F

With a whip around of the large circle of parents at the first P&F meeting of the year, we discovered what we’d like from the P&F this year. Some quotes:

“Bottle the JC spirit”


“Deliver what the parents want”

So what can you do to support our school right now?

The walkathon on Friday afternoon, 21st March
Wonderful parent from year 2 Linda Z has (thankfully) popped her hand up to be the coordinator for this great and easy fundraiser. Let’s get behind her and show her some love and support.
Get in on the Gala Dinner, which is a big bash to launch celebrations for 30 years of our wonderful John Colet. “Simple and elegant, with a twist . Veteran events coordinator Georgie C  is making this one happen and has a list of roles. Oh, and you’ll need to save the date, 6th September 2014.
Get in touch with viable fundraising or community-building ideas. We have a few new things on the menu, including tea towels, hot cross buns, a disco night (indeed!!). Does your company offer grants, do you know a hot-cross bun baker, have you run an event that is a guaranteed success? Sarah O  is pulling this list together, so get in touch, and we can program your idea in over the next 18 months. Don’t say we don’t plan ahead.
The detailed minutes will follow. Make sure you come to the next one.
With love,
The P&F Executive 2014