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Report from our P&F

Our premiere morning P&F meeting was held to the murmurings of school assembly outside the staffroom doors on Monday.
Open Day was the talk of the town, with ideas and offers on food stalls, entertainment selection for different age groups, and how best to present the school without causing logistical chaos. Keep your eyes peeled and emails on standby as you’ll hear more from Lucy B on this. Get in touch with Alex Coubrough if you can take a JC information pack to your preschool.
There was a flurry of spending activity, with a rice cooker, hat/hook stands, classroom signs and continuous hot water for the kitchen all approved. Our sincerest thanks to Forestville bakery, Libby L and helpers for going above and beyond in what stands to become the first of our annual hot cross bun fundraisers!  Thanks to your generosity, we reached our target of $450 which will fund an industrial rice cooker. Enjoy your buns.
Juli Allcorn presented her fantastic ideas on celebrating Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, and we are looking forward to an event complete with a mural, a giant jigsaw-puzzle cake, and fancy dress for children and adults.
The school has been  working on refreshing its policies (Anti Discrimination, Critical Incidents, Special Education etc) and will be complete over the next 12 months, and we also discussed how the working bee can be more effective. Remember to put the Cyber Safety session in your diaries on Tuesday, 13th May. The school has noted that some children have accessed adult sites from their homes, and this information is a must for all parents.

Indu Balachandran
P&F President