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Respect – a core school value

From the Stage Coordinators, Mrs McKendrick and Mrs Donald

In the Vision, Mission and Values document of John Colet School, the practice of Respect, which is our practice this term, asks certain questions which are aimed at directing and guiding actions:
Work together with love, honour and respect for one another.
Practice:       Respect
1.    Does the action unify?
2.    Is this safe for myself and others?
3.    Is it considerate of the happiness and comfort of others?
4.    Is it honourable, respectful and dignified?
5.    Does this action reflect well on my nation, school, family and myself?
These are very worthwhile considerations at any age or stage of life, and if we all asked ourselves these questions in the moments before actions and decisions what a different place the world would be!  Our responsibility is to put these considerations before the children, and help and encourage them to apply them to their actions.
We will begin with the first question:  Does the action unify?
    Is it to the benefit of all involved?
”    Will it bring us together?
”    Does it exclude anyone?
Home support on these questions is very valuable.  Copy them and pin them up on the fridge!
Our first event on the Calendar is the Primary Swimming Carnival in February: more information will be forthcoming.
Lower First had a wonderful start to their school life.  They all seemed very happy