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Robotics update

Term 2 has started with another group of students experiencing our ‘Introduction to Lego Robotics’ course. Lots of construction took place this week, we should be coding before we know it! Just a reminder there is no Lego Robotics on Monday 9th May.
Future courses
Introductory Courses: Lunchtime  and Girls Only Robotics (suitable for 3rd class and up)
I have had some interest in a lunchtime only course (so no afternoons for our busier students) and also for a girls only course. Please note these will have a $10 per lesson charge, there are usually 8 sessions per course, so a total of $80. All fees go towards the purchase of equipment. If you are interested in either of these, please fill in the Google form in the school Weekly Note.
Next term, we will also be adding another course for any students who have completed the introductory course and are keen to learn more. Details will be finalised in the coming weeks and information will be in the Weekly Note.

Jasmine Crewe
Enrichment and Learning Support Teacher