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Sanskrit Recitation Finals: winners announced

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Congratulations to all our students for taking part in this year’s Sanskrit Recititation Competition.  At the finals this week, beautiful, clear diction was on display, with each student conveying the meaning and emotion of the recitation pieces through voice and intonation.  Our judge this year was Mrs Sarah Mane.

The winners for 2019 are:

Lower 1st: Jasmehar S (L1st M)
Upper 1st: Millie R (U1st C)
2nd Class:  Ili K (2B) and Felix H (2B)
Winners of the Class Recitation:  Upper 1st

3rd Class: Eloise L (3M)
4th Class: Nakita N (4B)
5th Class:  Joshua J (5T)
Winners of the Class Recitation: 5th Class

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