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Sanskrit update for start of 2017

We are lucky to have this beautiful ancient language to study and recite and it is one of the jewels of the John Colet curriculum.  There are so many reasons why it is taught in our school. 

The word Sanskrit means is perfectly formed and Sanskrit is most beautiful to look at and to hear. This nourishes the aesthetic sense and the appreciation of beauty of the child at a very deep level.
Learning a second language gives the child the knowledge of how languages work.  Sanskrit stands at the root of many Eastern and Western languages including English and most other European languages classical or modern.  Sanskrit Grammar is the most thorough Grammar system of any language and its study illuminates the grammar and etymology of other languages.  It is also supremely logical so that it enhances the child’s ability in Maths, Science and Technology. 
Sanskrit has one of the richest and most extensive literatures of all known languages.  It introduces children to vast epics, profound scripture, subtle philosophy, voluminous mythology, and exquisite poetry. 

In the early years we concentrate on pronunciation, the script and learning the beautiful prayers.  Once the children are in the Primary classes we begin to study the Grammar using the classical stories of Rama and Krishna.  I you have any questions do please contact one of the Sanskrit teachers or come and find us in D7.

Joan Childs and Roslyn Dunn
Sanskrit Teachers

Edit 28/02:  Correction to Diary Date:  Sanskrit recitation finals now on Tues 23rd May at JCS