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The end of term celebrations Anzac Day and Easter Service are special, solemn occasions. They present a beautiful opportunity to discuss important issues of courage, sacrifice, gratitude and forgiveness.  And they also give the school an opportunity to stand and focus as one, on these momentous events.
At the time of writing this note we have had our Anzac Ceremony with two special guests, both from the navy: Commander Patrick Quain and Lieutenant-Commander Russell Lain.  Both men present sterling examples of the best qualities of Australia’s armed services rectitude, honour, strength and service.  
We are extremely grateful that these men find the time each year to come to the school and take part in the Service, and afterwards speak to the children about topics which they have spent time and effort preparing.  This year Commander Quain spoke to the primary children about Gallipoli and also about compassion and reason; Lieutenant-Commander Lain spoke to the infants children about Captain Bligh and his superb seamanship and courage after the Mutiny on the Bounty.
The Easter service is the final major event for the term where we sing hymns and the school office holders read from the Bible.
I wish you all a relaxing school break and look forward to seeing everyone bright a fresh for Term 2.  

Answer to the puzzle from a few weeks ago:  a. Who was known as the father of taxonomy Carl Linnaeus, and b. What is his connection to Australia’s history One of his pupils, Daniel Solander, sailed with Captain Cook and Joseph Banks on the Endeavour on the voyage which charted the East Coast of Australia and landed at Botany Bay.

Puzzle for the break: Two monks are about to begin work illuminating their manuscripts. They are about to sit in the scriptorium.  Both are adamant that they must sit behind the other.  The Abbott of the monastery finds a solution whereby both are seated in the same room at the same time, and both are seated behind the other.  How?

Gilbert Mane

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Mr Mane, Head Boy Dominic S, Commander Patrick Quain, Lieutenant-Commander Russell Lain and Head Girl Jaanavi K.