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Science Club at John Colet School


This term at science club, we have been studying Chemistry. We have learnt about the periodic table and the states of matter.   We have also done some fun experiments – the highlight each week!  We have experimented with oil and water, made water transfer between glasses to make a coloured rainbow and  used detergent in milk to create colour patterns and study the reaction between the food colouring and detergent.

For the past two weeks, we have been making gas by mixing different everyday ingredients together. First we blew up balloons on a bottle with a mixture of bicarbonate soda and lemon juice.  Then this week we made a Diet coke and Mentos rocket! This was certainly the best experiment so far. The children have had great fun and learnt some interesting things along the way. 

Meanwhile last week in Upper First science class, the students have been making their own tissue box guitars while learning how vibrations make sound waves and cause the noises that we hear.