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Science Week – we are on it

In the lead up to Science week, we were lucky enough to begin the term with a visit from Taronga Zoo Keeper, Mrs Farley MacDonald.
Mrs MacDonald is currently working on the enormous campaign to eradicate single-use plastics. A major part of her campaign focusses on plastic straws. (One of the Big 4 single use plastics currently in circulation)
The children were encouraged to say No Thanks when offered a straw in their drinks or to take a re-usable straw made of stainless steel when out and about.

They were also shown keep-cups for hot chocolates or coffees for mum and dad, as well as beeswax wraps for food wrapping and re-usable drink bottles. Both the staff and students gained great insight into the need for change and were asked to tell just 5 people what they learnt about single use plastics today.

Science Week Action!
Our art department staff have an amazing project planned for our students. In order to assist in the movement away from single use plastic bags, the students will be making a re-usable fabric bag to carry their plates and cups to and from school in. These bags will be made using an old t-shirt during their Art and Science lessons at school.