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Screen Free Day, plus a little bit of tv

I woke up with a start. I was going to login to my teams (as usual) but then I realized I got a break from screens, so I made my bed and got out my book to read. After a while I got up and went downstairs to have breakfast (I had some egg and toast). I went back upstairs and started to draw. I was drawing this beautiful, pink flower I was working on for a few days now.

My brother called me downstairs and asked if I could come out and play AFL so that’s what we did. Now it was time for lunch me and my brother Andre went into our garden and started cooking some sausages. Next, I went upstairs to check my screen free day tasks, I chose to make a card for my dad for Father’s Day. I wanted a snack, so I got on my bike with my brother and rode to the store and got some sandwiches and candies.

We decided to go to the park to eat our snacks, after we were done, we went to the skating ramps and played in the playground. We rode back home, and I finished my card then, relaxed on my couch and watched some tv with my brother.

Asha L 5D