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Screen Free Day recount by Isabella N

Yesterday was screen free day, I really enjoyed it. I started of my day with breakfast, we had avocado on toast, and it was delicious! Then I decided it was time to make a den. I used the couch as a base, then I took the bottom pillow off. Then everything else so that the couch was bare. Then I took a blanket and about 10 cushions from the couch and my bed. Finally, I created an entrance and a roof out of another slightly larger blanket balanced on dining chairs.  

After I created my den, it was time for me to make my bed and get ready for the day. When I finished that I came back upstairs and showed my brother my den, I also added some books in there as well. Then my brother and I played the game where one person shouts out a letter and the other person runs to find something that starts with that letter. We played for about 15 minutes before I decided it was time to do some photography. 

I took photos of my barbie dolls and some of my other toys such as my stuffed animals. My brother helped me by allowing me to use his camera, so I did not have to use a screen. It was very fun! I enjoyed this activity. After the photo session my Mum made some homemade chocolate sauce with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. It was so yummy!  

Then I thought it would a great idea if my brother and I build a Lego car with a working engine! We sat there working on it for two hours before we decided to start again (mainly because we had made a huge mistake). So, we sat there re-building the car for about an hour. Then Mum said it was time to go on a bike ride, so me my brother and my Mum all went out on the bikes. After twenty minutes we stopped to do a few activities on the bikes like loops around each other.  

My Mum even let me ride on the back of her bike while we were there, and she told me all about this baby koala who got rescued of somebody’s roof, I desperately wanted to see the picture, but I couldn’t because it was scree free day. After that my brother and I biked to a playground nearby. It was so fun! We even played battle fields (a game I invented). We stayed for an hour before we went home, as part of the game I chased him all the way home it was exhausting! When I got home, I did some more Lego and then it was dinner time. After dinner I had my shower and did some Lego. Then my Mum said to stop because it was nearly time to go to bed. 

And that is how my day went…

Isabella N 5D