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Screen free day

So, Screen Free Day, I woke up, and ate brekkie, which was toast and milk, then I went to play badminton and ride my bicycle for a while. But we couldn’t play badminton because the weather was too windy. Later, I played board games with my Mum, ate lunch, & then she went to get the Pfizer Vaccine. When she was gone, my brother watched YouTube on the T.V. while I tried to catch an annoying lizard. I lifted up the planks and….Boom! The lizard stared at me. ❪☟○∧○☟❫ Then, it crawled/ran in front of the pool. I poked it, and it fell in. I nearly screamed, seriously. Then the lizard swam to the bottom and stayed there or a few seconds. After, the lizard swam back up, and I caught it. My Mum came back, and I showed her it, then, I let it go. I had my dinner, showered and brushed my teeth, then I went to bed and played, Guess what am I? with my Mum and brother. Then I went to my room, and drew random things like Cats, or Dragons, and after half an hour, I went to sleep. Well, I was awake for a long while, then eventually fell into a deep sleep. ❪◉∨◉❫
Mia S 5D