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Sophisticated takes on Shakespeare

As the students get older and their ability to grasp the subtleties of Shakespeare increases, they are keen to try more and more sophisticated treatments of their plays. 
For example, this year’s 6th class gave “Twelfth Night” a seventies twist, while 5th class took their production to a galaxy far, far away, and set “A Comedy of Errors” to a Star Wars theme.   

4th class set “The Taming of the Shrew” in Australia,where, in the emerald city, resides the wealthy CEO, Baptista Minola, who runs the Western Sydney Angels Football Club.  Along comes Petruchio, a bikie, to woo his Goth daughter Katherina! 

Shakespeare’s fine language is retained, but the students really enjoy the extra dimension of staging their productions in a new way, coming up with set, props and costume ideas and working song and dance routines into the performances.

Each year our entire Festival is photographed and filmed so parents can keep a library of performances.  To see the photos, visit and click the John Colet menu tab at the top right of the screen.