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It has been wonderful having all our students return this week. While there were a few nerves from students, parents and teachers alike, it didn’t take long for it feel like we had never been away. Unfortunately, there has been no update to restrictions on excursions and camps. Due to this, the camp provider, who […]

Head of School’s Comment

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On Monday, together with our 6th Class students, we shall be opening the Burumurring Playground. Our first day of play in this area will provide some added excitement to what already will be a big day for all our students. Burumurring is the indigenous name for the Eagle, and this space along with our bush […]

Head of School’s Comment : This too shall pass

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As we continue to explore our Value of Courage this Term we are now beginning to look specifically on how we respond to change and difficulties that we experience. Life is a process, and nothing stays the same for too long, even though our current situation may seem like it is never ending. Having the […]

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This coming Wednesday we have our first Market Day for 2021. Our 6th Class House Captains choose a charity or project they wish to support and together with their 6th Class team look to raise money around a fun event. This Term Neo Siu, representing Cook, has chosen Care Australia and the School will have […]

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We are currently looking at student leadership throughout our school, within our value of Service. In its simplest form leadership is best shown through our actions by setting a positive example. This is clearly evident in our 6th Class students and also across the school as children look to those students in older grades. However, […]

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Our Primary Shakespeare Festival performances this week have been a tremendous success. I can honestly say the quality has not dropped from what we would have expected at Glen Street. Each and every play is worthy of note, however, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding performances from 6th Class. Both these performances showed how […]

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We continue to have a great deal of interest from prospective parents, both for starting Lower 1st next year and in higher year levels. Due to current restrictions, we are unable to take group tours, so visits have been with individual families. This has meant more tours, which has allowed more students across the school […]

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This term we continue to explore the Value of Courage, and we are exploring the importance of reflection and self-improvement. When we are not happy about something we often look externally to what needs to change, however sometimes it may be our pre-conceived ideas, personal limitations or entrenched habits that require attention and the courage […]

School Anzac Service

The end of term celebrations Anzac Day and Easter Service are special, solemn occasions. They present a beautiful opportunity to discuss important issues of courage, sacrifice, gratitude and forgiveness.  And they also give the school an opportunity to stand and focus as one, on these momentous events.At the time of writing this note we have […]