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John Colet School, Belrose, Sydney

At this time of year, we focus on Leadership as our 5th class step up to take their place as the School Leaders for 2021. Next Tuesday they will be asked to write a short speech on an unseen topic which centres on leadership qualities. They will present their speeches to 4th,5th and 6th class […]

Head of School’s Comment

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This week we had the pleasure of welcoming our Lower 1st Class for 2021 to their orientation day. Due to restrictions we were unable to bring the parents together, however we are hopeful that the new year will bring easing restrictions and we will be able to have some parent social activities at least in […]

Head of School’s Comment

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We are currently looking at student leadership throughout our school, within our value of Service. In its simplest form leadership is best shown through our actions by setting a positive example. This is clearly evident in our 6th Class students and also across the school as children look to those students in older grades. However, […]

A busy week in Second Class

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What an extraordinary week we have had with NAIDOC Week and Remembrance Day. Our History included an outdoor lesson with Miss Jackson and 2M. Miss Jackson shared with us her knowledge of Indigenous Languages, customs and a Welcome to Country book (by Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy). We remembered those who had given their […]

A recap of the past week in 4th Class

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In literacy this week we have begun our analysis of the classic Australian novel “Storm Boy” by Colin Thiele. In my maths class we have continued to work on measurement but spent a lot of time on multi-step word problems which we all find a little tricky. In Science we have continued to look at […]

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On Wednesday Mr Wilcock and I had the great pleasure of being the audience for this year’s Lower 1st Shakespeare production. As you are aware, due to unavoidable circumstances, the production was videoed only. In many ways this presented much more of a challenge to the children because there was no audience to help draw […]

6th Class consider ‘Dilemma’ by Richard Aldington

Primary School for Years K to 6 in Belrose, Sydney

Our poetry theme continued this week with a study on a free-verse poem by Richard Aldington called ‘Dilemma’. I was amazed at the mature responses by the children and their ability to analyse and interpret Aldington’s words. It is a beautiful poem full of clever personification and rich vocabulary and we had a great discussion […]

Deputy Head of School’s Comment

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This week in Upper 1st Philosophy, we were discussing Wisdom and its relationship to the value of Stillness. They raised the idea that stillness allows time to make a correct decision and it is wise to perform a good action that benefits everyone. They also suggested that wisdom comes with experience and learning from mistakes. […]

Head of School’s Comment

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This Term our Value in focus is Service, and of late we have looked at the benefits of giving full attention to all that we do. There have been many insightful, practical examples given by students from Lower 1st through to 6th Class. As we move to the end of the year, we begin to […]

3rd Class learning about emotions

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In Health 3rd Class have begun to look at Zones of Regulation. The Zones framework provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, manage their sensory needs, and improve their ability to problem solve conflicts. The four zones are: The Red Zone is used to describe extremely heightened states of alertness and intense […]