6th Class are considering negative numbers in Maths and the question was asked, “How can there be a number less than zero, if zero is equal to nothing?” Is there a quantity less than zero? How can we have less than nothing at all! What a conundrum to debate! We turned to real life problems […]

6th class make personal keepsakes for Art

Each year 6th class students learn the ancient art of bookbinding.  They make their own hand-stitched books under the direction of professional bookbinder and artist Brigitta Gallaher. The books are a beautiful and personal keepsake for the children to collect and display their favourite drawings.

Illustration sessions online

The NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge is hosting guided illustration sessions online and our school joined in.  Here are examples of our students’ takes on the fabulous illustrations by author Mick Eliott’s Squidge Dibley series.  Students from Lower 1st to 6th Class took part. The NSW PRC people were very impressed and shared our students’ work […]

3rd class develop Geo skills

Third class are learning mapping skills and using grid references to locate places. They are also learning how to use an atlas and an to locate the grid references of key natural features in Australia.

John Colet School crest

Why do we need evidence and examples to support our opinions?  What are the hallmarks of effective persuasive arguments? 4th Class considered this closely this week.   In Grammar we learnt about intensifiers and how these boost the feelings or opinions being expressed and add strength to the description; and in comprehension we looked at […]

Back into a busy Third Term for 6th class

Children’s authors Jackie French, Daniela Abela and Andrew Daddo shared creative writing tips with 6th class in a Mini Writing Festival this week. The children were keen to put into practice creating vivid descriptions, building curious characters and developing plot. In other matters, the busy-ness of school has resumed with buddies (who celebrated 101 days […]

5th Class settling into Term 3 nicely

In 5th class this week: Maths – Students have been exploring fractions and decimals. We have been looking at how to plot some decimals on a number line. English – The children have been exploring what it might be like for the early settlers of Australia. They are working on a diary entry from a […]

The week that was in Second Class

2C enjoy exploring addition and subtraction and working on problems using dice, blocks, counters and revising our number facts to ten, twenty and up to the hundreds. In Writing we are developing our understanding of persuasive writing:  a point of view, arguments and reasons for those arguments. We considered the arguments for ‘A Dog is […]

Getting smarter every day in Lower 1st

One hundred and one days of learning, and counting!  Lower 1st loved their celebration of being ‘101 Days Smarter’ on Thursday this week.  They all dressed up as the 101 Dalmatians, but Cruella was nowhere to be seen!  Thanks Miss Cipollone and and Mrs Cooper for planning such a delightfully doggie day, with at least […]