On the vegetarian lunch menu

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Monday – lentil soup Tuesday – tomato and basil penne pasta Wednesday – salad rolls Thursday – cheese and spinach triangles Friday – sweet corn and pea pancakes

On the vegetarian lunch menu - image 4TM_6267-web on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

This term we have been considering the School Value of Respect. In Assembly we considered a reading from Desmond Tutu which speaks about the interdependence we have on each other to learn about being human. Both the Primary and the Infants children responded beautifully to the reading and were able to stand and articulate their […]

Head of School’s Comment

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We are eagerly looking forward to showcasing our school on Sunday  23rd May at our Open Day. A reminder that this is a compulsory day for students and due to this, as usual, Monday 24th May is a pupil-free day. It will be a smaller performance this year due to the restrictions that were placed […]

The Power of the Pause in Promoting Productivity and Purpose

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Om Paramatmane Nama… These words might sound a bit foreign, but to the John Colet School community, this little phrase represents a big part of their daily life. Throughout the day, students and staff Pause for at least five seconds before starting a new activity. The result? A more grounded, more present and more attentive […]

On the vegetarian lunch menu for Week 2

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Monday – penne pasta in a tomato sand basil cream sauce Tuesday – Paprika and garlic potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili Wednesday – veggie burgers Thursday – Bean nachos with sour cream and guacamole Friday – Puff pastry slice

From our Deputy Head of School

On the vegetarian lunch menu - image 4TM_6267-web on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Welcome to Term 2. It has been wonderful to see the children return to school with so much energy and enthusiasm. On Monday, the teachers met as they always do, to prepare for the term ahead.  Part of this day is always devoted to study related to the ethos of the school. We spent some […]

Headmaster’s Comment

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This week we held our ANZAC commemoration at John Colet School. A special thank you to our guest speaker this year, past president of Forestville RSL, Mr John Scifleet, and special guests Mr Jason Falinski MP, and JCS Board Member Mr James Donald, along with parent attendees. As our Value in focus this term is […]

On the Vegetarian lunch menu for Week 10

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Monday – pea and corn pancakes Tuesday – cauliflower and broccoli bake Wednesday – lentil soup Thursday – last day of term pizza Friday – Closed Good Friday holiday

Deputy Head’s Comment

During this term we have had a lot of trainee teachers doing their professional placement at John Colet. It is wonderful for us to be able to support these teachers and give them an opportunity to experience the ethos of the school and to see the value of our approach to education. Several of them […]

Headmaster’s Comment

After a year on pause, we are very excited to be holding our Walkathon next week. However, due to proposed maintenance of the adjacent public field, this event has been moved on site. The scheduled start is at 1:30 pm on Thursday and parents are welcome to attend. We would like to thank the Parents […]