6T e-meet Jacquie French and perfect their twangs!

6T are honing their writing skills after an online writing festival featuring the very famous Australian author, Jackie French. Now they know more about  enhancing their writing by ‘showing not telling’.  And they learned how using our sense of taste, hearing and smell gets the reader to imagine all kinds of events! Dominic’s suggestion  – […]

How to get very young children interested in art

Mrs Gadsbys grandson at Australian Museum pre school indigenous art program web

Art teacher, mother and grandmother Annette Gadsby shares tips and links for bringing out the artist in very young children, and explains why ‘visual literacy’ is so important Our 4-year-old grandson’s favourite artwork is a copy of a Fra Angelico painting. I’m not sure whether it’s the gold leaf or the image and colours that […]

Can ‘stillness’ be taught to pre-schoolers?

sc and jc 3 web

At John Colet, part of the classroom routine is to regularly stop and pause in between lessons and activities. We find this works wonders! It brings even the youngest students back to a calm frame of mind allowing them a readiness for learning.  Lower 1st teachers Simona Cipollone and Justine Cooper share their tips on […]

John Colet School NAPLAN results get more attention

Manly Daily photo Troy Snook

From the Manly Daily… Northern beaches NAPLAN 2020: Where your primary school rates Three public primary schools have made it into the northern beaches top five for best performance in NAPLAN. We have crunched the data and have listed the schools on the peninsula from 1 to 52. Find out how your school rates. John […]

Some great websites for fun and learning

EntertainmentAustralian Children’s Television Foundation: https://actf.com.au/education/content General EducationAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: https://education.abc.net.au/home#!/homeKhan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org/ Readinghttps://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/ https://www.audible.com.au/ Mathshttps://au.ixl.com/ Learn a languagehttps://www.duolingo.com/ ArtRemotely visit the world’s museums: https://artsandculture.google.com/ ScienceNational Geographic Kids: https://www.natgeokids.com/au/NSW National Parks: https://wilderquest.nsw.gov.au/mapTaronga Zoo: https://taronga.org.au/taronga-tv HistoryState library https://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/learning/learning-homeSydney Living Museums: https://sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/children-and-family Physical EducationDaily exercise for children: https://www.thebodycoach.com/blog/pe-with-joe-1254.html Information TechnologyCoding: https://aca.edu.au/resources/

House Competitions for the Holidays (Optional!)

We have put together some House Competitions along with website links that children are welcome to do over the holidays as part of their Easter Staycation. We want to assure parents and students that the activities are completely optional. 

A simple message

Well done for getting through Week 1 of school at home.  One of our teachers summed things up beautifully in her email message to parents today… “Please do not worry if you are struggling to complete all the work we have set. We will meet your children where they are academically when they return to […]

COVID-19 update at John Colet School

20/03/2020 We would like to thank the community for your ongoing support. Many of our staff are parents and caregivers themselves and your understanding of their situation is greatly appreciated. As a School, we are monitoring the situation locally and globally, and continuing to develop proportional responses that are well planned and based on official […]

Coronavirus update to Parents

We thank all our community for the continued diligence and support that is being shown as our school responds to the worldwide Coronavirus situation. The purpose of this email is to keep you informed of the current position of John Colet School. As a School, we are monitoring the situation locally and globally, and continuing […]