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John Colet School - Belrose, Sydney

With the break in the rain, our builders have today finished securing the main roof for our new building and will be in a better position to continue in inclement weather. That being said there are predictions for a wetter than usual winter, and this combined with supply chain issues, has led us to again […]

Our lineup for 2022 Shakespeare Festival

primary shakespeare

2022 Shakespeare Plays: Lower 1st All the World’s a Stage Upper 1st A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2MC Much Ado About Nothing 2C Romeo and Juliet 3B Macbeth 3S The Tempest 4N Henry V 4M The Comedy of Errors 5H The Merry Wives of Windsor (pt 2) 5S The Merry Wives of Windsor (pt 1) 6M […]

Virtual Shakespeare Helps Students’ Readiness for High School

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Zoom presentations have become a normal part of the day following pandemic lockdowns. But imagine cooking up some popcorn and sitting down with your family to a polished Shakespearean performance via Zoom, starring your child and their talented classmates… A Virtual Shakespeare Festival via Zoom is just one of the many innovative ways John Colet […]

The Power of the Pause in Promoting Productivity and Purpose

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Om Paramatmane Nama… These words might sound a bit foreign, but to the John Colet School community, this little phrase represents a big part of their daily life. Throughout the day, students and staff Pause for at least five seconds before starting a new activity. The result? A more grounded, more present and more attentive […]

Straight back into the work

When you have the same class teacher for two or three years, there is no downtime at the start of the year.  Our 4th Class are really working hard right off the bat. Writing: The children are enjoying beginning to learn about the Odyssey. This week they have written great dialogues from inside the Trojan horse; […]

The Beach Is More Fun Than The Pool!

PERSUASIVE WRITING It is certain that the beach is more fun than the pool. I think the beach is the best because there are waves, sand, shells and fish. Firstly, there are no waves in swimming pools. Waves are absolutely fantastic for swimming through, and on, as when you go body surfing. Moreover, you can […]

6T e-meet Jacquie French and perfect their twangs!

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6T are honing their writing skills after an online writing festival featuring the very famous Australian author, Jackie French. Now they know more about  enhancing their writing by ‘showing not telling’.  And they learned how using our sense of taste, hearing and smell gets the reader to imagine all kinds of events! Dominic’s suggestion  – […]

How to get very young children interested in art

Mrs Gadsbys grandson at Australian Museum pre school indigenous art program web

Art teacher, mother and grandmother Annette Gadsby shares tips and links for bringing out the artist in very young children, and explains why ‘visual literacy’ is so important Our 4-year-old grandson’s favourite artwork is a copy of a Fra Angelico painting. I’m not sure whether it’s the gold leaf or the image and colours that […]