Back into a busy Third Term for 6th class

Children’s authors Jackie French, Daniela Abela and Andrew Daddo shared creative writing tips with 6th class in a Mini Writing Festival this week. The children were keen to put into practice creating vivid descriptions, building curious characters and developing plot. In other matters, the busy-ness of school has resumed with buddies (who celebrated 101 days […]

Getting smarter every day in Lower 1st

One hundred and one days of learning, and counting!  Lower 1st loved their celebration of being ‘101 Days Smarter’ on Thursday this week.  They all dressed up as the 101 Dalmatians, but Cruella was nowhere to be seen!  Thanks Miss Cipollone and and Mrs Cooper for planning such a delightfully doggie day, with at least […]

Big steps in Lower 1st

action shot getting bags on

In Lower 1st, we are encouraging the children to come into the classrooms on their own at the start of the school day. We are encouraging them to be independent by hanging up and unpacking their own bags and coming into the classroom or walking to the playground. The letters we looked at this week […]

Some things we did this week in Lower 1st

cute teacher and girl vowels

In Lower 1st (Kindergarten) this week we learnt about the sounds and shapes of the letters Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss and Tt.  In writing, we wrote about our weekend, using our sight words.  In maths we did addition of numbers 1 – 10.  In science we are learning about clouds.  History lessons have been discussions […]

The fun and learning in Lower 1st so far!

Lower 1st have been learning about the letters aA, bB, cC, dD,eE and writing our name.  In maths, we have been singing number songs, counting forwards and backwards and looking closely at the numbers 1 and 2.  In Science, we discussed where we belong in the world (Australia) and how weather differs depending on where […]

Deputy Head’s Comment

Lower 1st performed in their first Shakespeare production this year and entertained us all with their clear diction and well-rehearsed stagecraft. Every child performed their part with enthusiasm and attention. Every detail had been carefully considered right down to the beautiful character drawings in the program. It was wonderful to see some of our future […]

Digging up the past

Lower 1st became archaeologists this week and dug up several mysterious artifacts. We discussed what they could be, who used them and how and what they told us about the people who have lived before us. Miss Bower and Miss Marley, Teachers

100 days!

Lower 1st marked the last day of Term 2 with a special morning tea to celebrate 100 days of school learning!

Wonderful world of wild animals for Lower 1st

Lower 1st learnt about our native animals and birds at Featherdale Wildlife Park this week.  There were lots of sleepy children on the bus ride home!  See more photos on our Facebook page.

Prac student shares her love of teaching

Lower First M students have had many rich learning experiences in Literacy and Numeracy lessons this week. They have been engaging greatly with their sentence writing. They have had a main focus on understanding the concepts of poems and their language techniques (especially adjectives and punctuation), in order to create their very own colour poem! […]